sunday, 26.may 2024, 20.45 h

Pet Collars

with individual leather carvings.

For I make every collar to the measurements of your pet
it fits exactly and is comfotable to wear.
The herbal tanned leather is free from chemical additives.

carved with name and phone number
and adorned with norse, celtic or own designs to your wishes.
Every collar is unique.
I also make cat collars, and gears for ferrets.

Dog collar "Gabriel"

  • carved Hundehalsband gefärbt
  • carved Hundehalsband
  • carved Hundehalsband gefärbt

carved Halsband vor und nach dem Färben

Cat collar "Fredda"

  • carved Katzenhalsband vorn

    carved Katzenhalsband hinten

    carved Katzenhalsband
  • Katze Fredda mit punziertem Halsband

Dog collar "Tuan"

  • carved Hundehalsband vorn

    carved Hundehalsband hinten

    carved Hundehalsband
  • Collie Tuan mit punziertem Halsband
  • custom work
  • genuine leather
  • differrent closures
  • with norse, celtic or custom designs
  • natural coloured oder dyed
  • ideal gift idea

with Ratatosk hand working stamp

with Ratatosk hand working stamp