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with individual leather carvings.

Adoned with your own name or protection rune,
with a name or an eudaemonic symbol.

The herbal tanned leather is free from chemical additives.

Amulets can also be made and coloured by children on our medieval markets.
More information:
leather carving for kids

Amulet below: Janus, the two-faced god
of both beginning and end, of entries and exits and of all origins.
two colours, custom made, only 35 mm in diameter!


  • carved leather amulet
  • carved leather amulet
  • carved leather amulet

Case for scissors

16 x 4 cm
for hand-forged medieval scissors
customisation, hand-sown
yellow, brown,

  • scissors case with leather carving


mini knife sheeth,
10 x 2 cm
for a hand-forged knife
customisation, hand-sown
2 colours (red, brown),

  • neckblade with leather carving

Amulet dragon

custom design 50 mm diameter, patch for a belt bag
  • carved leather patch dragon

Amulet Janus head

Janus, the two-faced god of both beginning and end, of entrances and of origins.
2 colours, custom design,
Only 35 mm in diameter.

  • carved leather amulet janus head

  • as talisman
  • made of genuine leather
  • painted or natural colours
  • with leather carving
  • with norse, celtic or custom design
  • ideal gift idea

stamp Ratatosk hand working

with Ratatosk hand working stamp